Rain or Shine

Sometimes, just sometimes, I really love rainy days. 

Today is one of those days.

Today the rain does not feel inconvenient or depressing.  It feels calming and peaceful and refreshing.  We had some beautiful weather here in Jersey this weekend.  And while I loved every minute of the sunshine and hotness, it feels good to cool off now.

And I’m also looking forward to getting cozy and snuggling with my main man later.  Rainy days are just so good for snuggling up.  With your man, with your best friend, with your pup – with whoever makes your heart happy.  (add in hot chocolate for extra heavenly measures)

Before this rainy day, I tried to take full advantage of the beautiful, warm weather this weekend.  Saturday that included a trip to the park with the boy to kick the soccer ball around and lounge on a big blanket.  Followed by a game of mini golf and Rita’s (loser’s treat!  Guess who was was not the loser? heh yea I’ve got some serious mini golf skills 🙂 ) And ended the day at a party with some close friends.  Sunday was breakfast in the morning on the patio with my two best girlfriends, followed by a lazy day of TV and some grilling outside.

Speaking of the party on Saturday night:

Me + New boyfriend + Ex boyfriend +Ex boyfriend’s New Girlfriend + close quarters = holy awkwardness.  

Oh well, just gotta laugh about it.  I was determine to not make it awkward but it turned out to be kinda impossible.  He is an awkward soul and then the significant others looked uncomfortable and I guess I can’t blame them.  The ex and his girl didn’t stay long though so it was a short lived awkward fest.  And only a very minor blip in an otherwise very lovely weekend.

How was your weekend blogtarts?  Rain or shine, I hope it was wonderful!



5 thoughts on “Rain or Shine

  1. I completely missed the rain yesterday…I think I slept through it, because when I woke up it was sunny! I love rainy days when I have nowhere to go.

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