Wishful Wednesday

Today, I’m taking part in a cute weekly feature on Kelsey’s blog called “Wishful Wednesday” and this week’s topic is regret.

‘I wish’… I hadn’t thrown away years of figure skating training!

I was 18 months old the first time my Dad took me ice skating and by the time I was 2, I could skate around by myself.  I started group lessons at 4 and it was love right from the start.  Eventually, I started taking private lessons and entering competitions and shows.  I might not have been an Olympic star but damn, did I LOVE that sport.  I’m talking crazy in love, passionate about it.  I used to consider the ice rink my second home and most importantly my happy place.

And it was liked that for years – figure skating was my life (the rest was just details).

But by the time I turned 16, I started becoming more interested in things like boys and hanging out with my friends all the time and being in high school plays and chorus, and all the sudden figure skating took a backseat to just being a teenager. 

So, all of the sudden I kind of just quit and never really looked back.  Then I went off to college in South Carolina with no ice rink anywhere close and fell out of it even further. 

And these days, I really regret it.  I don’t regret stopping lessons or competitions or shows – I just regret stopping skating all together (pretty much except for an occasional session here or there).  It was my first love and I really miss it.  I still have some skills but not enough technique to teach/coach part time which is what I would love, love, love to do.

But… then again, who says I can’t start over and get my technique back to where it was and coach one day. 🙂

What do you wish you hadn’t thrown away?


6 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday

  1. Me and piano. Sigh.

    I begged my mother for YEARS to let me quit, and she finally gave in… now I wish she hadn’t (or that I’d just shut up about it!)

  2. Dancing including tap, ballet, jazz & modern. I started when I was three or four, I think. And stopped my freshman year in high school. Wish I hadn’t. Miss the dancing body and everything that goes along with it. Sigh.

  3. That is so awesome! I mean, not awesome that you tossed it, but awesome that you had that opportunity. When I was a little girl, my dream was to be a figure skater. Apparently when I was like two, I could say Kristi Yamaguchi. 🙂 I went ice skating for the first time in November… SO FREAKING HARD! Definitely something that should be learned as a child.

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