Friday, Let Me Love You Downnn..

Is anyone else lovin on Usher’s new song “OMG” because I can’t seem to get enough!  Which is a bit unlike me, I’ve never been a huge Usher fan or even that kind of music.  Last weekend, I would randomly bust out singing this part for my love, I think it got louder and louder, especially after 2 glasses of wine – ahem. 

“Got me like oh. my. gosh
I’m so in love
I found you finalllyyy…
you make me want to say:
Oh,oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my gosh.”

The best part is that he didn’t even know the song so when I would get to all the oh’s, he’d kinda just laugh and look at me like what the fuck are you doing? Or damn, my girlfriend is off her rocker (thank god she’s cute).  lol, I kid, I kid… my goofiness is one of the things he loves the most about me. (or so he says 😉 )

Anywaysssss, on that note.. I’m also in love with the good morning text I got yesterday:

(first time he called me cupcake and I loved it so much)

Ok, I’m sorry, this concludes the SHMOOP portion of this post.

We have a serious matter to discuss. 

Are any of you lovely readers LOST fans like me!?  Oh I hope so.  How bitter sweet is Sunday night going to be?  My friends and I have gotten together for every episode the last three years.  So Sunday is going to be nothing short of a goodbye EXTRAVAGANZA.

I plan on taking lots of pics so check in next week to see how the party turned out.  There is talk of dressing up and lots of LOST related food.  I’m planning on dressing up as crazy Claire and also labeling everything under the sun with Dharma labels.. it’s going to be great. 🙂

I’ve heard the finale is going to be sad but beautiful (said Matthew Fox in an interview).  That statement makes me nervous – I cry pretty easily so something tells me the waterworks will be flowing.

Have a fannnnnnntabulous weekend, my loves! xo

P.S.  I am in serious, for reals love with all of you and your amazing & encouraging comments on my last post.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 


5 thoughts on “Friday, Let Me Love You Downnn..

  1. i love that song too! the other day i sat in the car outside my apartment just to keep listening.

    and im a super lost fan too. have you seen the goodbye video? sniff. your party sounds like a blast!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song. My boyfriend liked it at first, but not as much as I do. Now he can’t get it out of his head. He set it as my ringer on his phone and I have it as a call tone on my phone… it’s LOVE!

  3. Yes, I adore this song. I love the part where you can hear that there is a crowd singing in the background. Fabulous song. I am probably downloading it this weekend so I can add it to my running playlist!

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