“I Never Understood Trekkies, Until I Became a Lostie”

During the recap last night, they showed some of the goodbye text messages from fans and that was one of them.  It seriously cracked me up because it is SO freakin true!

Ok, so I’m about to completely geek out on you guys right now over LOST.  We went all out for our party – I hope I have some LOST fans out there who will appreciate this! 🙂

We ALL dressed up. That’s me as “crazy” Claire in the middle… I think we all look pretty damn good. 🙂

The LOST desserts – my cupcakes on the left and my friends awesome LOST cake on the right.

Some of the LOST decorations – Dharma sign on the front door, our names crossed out on Jacob’s wall & Dharma salsa

The party was a blast but definitely bittersweet. Now, onto my thoughts on the finale!

My initial reaction to the last 10-15 minutes was confusion and slight disappointment.  I was really very stuck on the fact that the alt. universe was not real and that these flash sideways we’d been watching all season really meant nothing.  I did appreciate however, how Jack’s story came full circle and it ended with his eye closing in the same spot he woke up after the crash, I thought it was very poetic.

However, that was my INITIAL reaction.  After it was all over, I could NOT stop thinking about it.  And the more I thought about it, the more it started to grow on me.  I did love that everyone got a happy ending, even if it was in the afterlife.  There was something really beautiful about showing them all reunited.  And the fact that the characters were able to work out there issues in the alt. universe (flash sideways) before crossing over, is a really beautiful concept as well.  I began to look at the flash sideways, not as meaning nothing because it wasn’t real, but just meaning something different then I ever expected.

It was beautiful and sad just as Matthew Fox described it.  I understand that some people were disappointed but to me, if I sat here for hours today and last night reflecting on all the themes and the big picture and what it all meant, well then I think they did something right.  It was emotional and thought provoking and you know what, that’s pretty special.

I must admit, I’ve been feeling quite sad all day today.  I think one of the ways the show was most successful was building multi-dimensional characters that we really cared about and really connected to and today, it’s almost like mourning the loss of friends, as corny as that sounds.  (and trust, I know how corny it sounds!)

Welp, thats my two cents. 🙂

For all you Losties out there – what did you think?! Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you want to discuss!

“See ya in another life, brotha”


6 thoughts on ““I Never Understood Trekkies, Until I Became a Lostie”

  1. look at you go! i LOVE that you guys dressed up! crazy claire! WHAT IS UP WITH HER HAIR?! how, all of a sudden, now that she’s CRAZY CLAIRE, does her hair get all knatty?
    i love your food too! so much fun!
    i watched at home with a few friends. i have mixed feelings. i liked it… but didn’t feel like it really tied up a lot of the unanswered questions. but i did like how everyone had a happy ending.

  2. Thanks for the comment 🙂 I LOVED the finale. It was perfect and beautiful. I cried TONS too. Glad you liked it. I love your picture and party idea! I so wanted to have a Lost party, but I’m so glad I didn’t because I cried way too much to be around a crowd of people. lol!

  3. Oh my gosh, your party looks awesome! I am not a trekkie but I sure am a Lostie.

    I have mixed feelings about the finale. On the one hand I liked that they were reunited and got a “happy” ending and I don’t even mind the twist about the flash sideways. What I did kind of mind was the lack of answers.

    I know the writers have decided that this was a character driven show and the ending should reflect that, all well and good, but I think a lot of people did tune in to lost for the *plot.* Knowing there was an end date, and having filled so many episodes with filler, I think they could have done better at tying up some loose ends.

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