I Heart It.

Long Weekends

It is my strong opinion that ALL weekends should be 3 days long.  All in favor, say aye – AYE!!

Little Surprises

Nerd alert:  I was kinda depressed on Monday, mostly due to the fact that LOST was over and life felt a little emptier (sad but totally true! heydon’tjudgeme!).  Anyhoots, I told the Love and mid work day I checked my e-mail only to find a super cute e-card from him to cheer me up.  As if that wasn’t enough, he drove up to see me for the third day in a row and brought with him a new charm for my Pandora bracelet.  What can I say? he’s a keeper. :0)

Date Night Tonight :0)

Lately we’ve been trying to save money and have cut back on our dinners & nights out but I thought we were due for a little romantical evening.  So he picked a new restaurant for us to try and then we will be playing on the boardwalk afterwards.

Girls Night

Sex & the City 2, cosmos, stilettos, sparkly shirts & most importantly some of my favorite girls = agenda for Saturday night.

Visiting one of my Besties

Heart this photo & heart the girl in it even more.  I can always depend on her for some of the best heart to hearts and honest conversation.  She lives about an hour and a half away so it’s always exciting when I can to see her face.

Peace, love & cupcakes,


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