That Kinda Day

I’m not a big fan of today… me & today – we are not friends.  I was late to work.  I was fighting (through text messages no less!) with the boy as I was getting ready. Although, it was not over anything particularly significant or serious, it still really upset me and started my day off on the wrong note.  And of course, it’s never fun to come back to work after a nice long, relaxing weekend.

I don’t like to give into my bad moods though, so I did what any internet lovin gal would do and searched high and low for images and quotes to brighten up my day.

So, for all my bloggies out there who are need of a little pick-me-up (just like me), here’s a little slice of my searchin.

It started off with looking at some pretty things…

and moved onto inspirational things…

followed by some true things…

and most importantly…



happy things. 🙂


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