Life, at the moment…

Oh life, you are just flyingggg by these days.  It is quite insane but the most exciting part about life flying by at this current minute is that I’m down to only TWO! weeks left at work.  Seriously, I feel like just yesterday I was asking myself how I would ever get through three more months and now!? next Friday, I’m walking out and never going back.

Don’t get me wrong, the last three years at my job provided me with a steady and stable income and I met some really great friends there.  And that is pretty freakin awesome.  But I am SO excited to move on and begin this new chapter of my life.

A new career path – graduate school – internship – oh my!

I am just so excited though for it all.

In other news, about two weeks ago, I had jury duty for the first time and I ended up on a trial for 3 days.  It was actually really interesting and I really enjoyed it!  Mostly because my fellow jurors were such nice people and I got to learn so much about each of them.  Jury duty is quite a unique situation in that it brings together people who under different circumstances probably wouldn’t get to know much about each other.

I have to admit that although I’m 25, when some of the other jurors would talk about their teenagers and “kids today” I couldn’t help but feel like they were talking about me.

I had to remind myself that I’m not close to 16 or 17 anymore but I still don’t feel like a “real adult” sometimes, ya know?  It’s almost like I’m still playing pretend in the “real world.”

It was a funny feeling.

Other than that, I’ve been a busy bee at work trying to train my replacement and get everything in order for my departure.  I’ve been spending time with my love.  Getting together with friends to watch The Bach & True Blood.  Compiling a list of goals for the summer (coming soon!)

Since this is a bit of a random post.  I’m going to throw in a mix-tape Monday pick.  This song has been growing on me, especially after seeing a couple use it for their first dance at their wedding.  It was SO cute and different for a first dance.  But it was completely sweet and made me fall in love with the song that much more.  This was actually one of Lacey’s first songs she featured on her Mix Tape and now I’m sharing it here.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Life, at the moment…

  1. yeah, me too. Sometimes i need to pretend that i’m matured already for the sake of my younger classmates because they will expecting too much from me and i felt pressure on that.. 😦

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