And I Frolicked About in My Summer Skin

I do this every once in awhile. I unintentionally stop blogging for a week… and then somehow that turns into two weeks.. and then three… and then I want to blog! but I haven’t blogged in so long so I feel like I should really write something good to make up for all the lack of blogging but OH THE PRESSURE.. so I continue to not blog and by then it has been month and finally I just say eff it!  I’ll just ramble off this nonsense and get this ball rolling again…

so hi. 🙂

In case you need a reminder, my last day at my job was a month ago and now I’m just hanging out until I start my graduate internship/grad school.

Now, I THOUGHT I’d be blogging up a storm during this time, ya know considering I have all the time in the world.

But, instead?  I chose to do this:

  • Visit my old college roomie in DC
  • Spend a couple days with my bestie at a beach house in LBI, NJ
  • Lay in bed all the live long day
  • Clean, clean, clean my room
  • Watch SoapNet all afternoon
  • Sleep until 1pm
  • Visit Georgetown Cupcakes (in DC) and Crumbs (in NYC) to determine which one is better (Georgetown Cupcakes ftw!)
  • Vacation to Bermuda with my honey
  • Celebrate his birthday  with a home cooked meal and tickets to the Yankees game
  • Shop… a lot (this one made no sense, as I have no income right now!)

Let me tell you something – life goes by so fast without a job/school responsibilities!

Now, before you go getting totally jealous of me, understand that in approximately a month, my life is going to be the complete opposite of this and probably be overwhelmingly busy.

Monday, I start training for my internship.  I will be doing that for August and then in September we throw classes and another field experience into the mix.  I had a dinner tonight with some of the current students and they said, honestly – be prepared to be overwhelmed.  But I’m up for the challenge. 🙂

And I’m going to continue enjoying my summer until the craziness begins.

If I still have any readers out there, tell me one awesome thing you did or loved about July! 🙂

My favorite thing was being on Elbow Beach, Bermuda with the love of my life.  More pics to come soon!


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